Written by: Melanie Gomez

The Long Dark Road is a Toronto based heavy group consisting of Jeremy Cavan (guitars, vocals), Rufus Cavan, (bass), Toby Cavan, (drums), and Vanin Feral (guitar.)
With their new self-titled EP, The Long Dark Road, lots of dedication was put into it. By the end of 2016, Jeremy was jobless, newly divorced, and living on his brother’s couch. Despite these issues along with the music industry being so tough, Jeremy continued to write music with the optimistic idea that music has value on its own. He ended up writing three albums for three bands during the year.

The Long Dark Road was created the day he heard Deafheaven’s Sunbather, and any setbacks only strengthened the band to finish their album. Setbacks of mental illness, injury, fears of being unemployable, members quitting, personal loss and poverty created the desperate canvas for the band’s self-titled debut. In just a year, The Long Dark Road was complete.

“This album saved me from the bottom, and though it has ruined me financially I’m glad to get it out and hopefully share some of my love and frustration with those who can relate. I hope it is the complete art piece that I wanted it to be,” says Jeremy.

The Long Dark Road is all about the journey in life. Listening to their track “The Long Dark Road” off of the EP, the band’s musical range is shown as they go from punk to hardcore. The song describes how it is being alive in a modern society. As good as things can be, there’s always things that people can’t control which can result to sorrow and anguish. But at the end of the long dark road, there’s a light at the end.

You can purchase The Long Dark Road for as little as $4 HERE

1. The Tragedy of the Commons
2. I Will Follow
3. The State of Our Union
4. The Long Dark Road

The Long Dark Road: