Written by: Melanie Gomez

The Jay Clark Band is a southern rock group from Dayton, Ohio consisting of Jay Clark, Rob Carlson, Dwayne Russell, and Coby Utterback.

Growing up in Ohio, Jay would play in a bunch of cover bands in and after college. He then decided to put down the mic to get a “real job” in order to support his family. But deep down, his love for music was still always there. Jay eventually began writing his own songs and putting acoustic versions of his songs on Facebook. After Jay starting getting positive feedback on his music from Facebook, he headed off to Nashville in 2016 in order to record with some of the best musicians in the country to pursue his dream further again.

Now Jay is back in the music industry, going by the name The Jay Clark Band, and is releasing his new full-length album Turning It Up, which also happens to be the title of the album’s first single. Listening to the track, you feel the band’s classic southern rock sound right away. At first, I didn’t think this would be my type of song, but after giving it a listen, I could picture the song playing during a get together with a group of friends on a Friday night out. Especially with the lyrics, “Shot shots / Slam em’ down / Order up another round / Raise your solo cup.” If you love bands like Lynyrd Skynrd or just simply love a feel good party vibe track,“Turning It Up” would be your type of song!

Jay shared saying, “I wanted to show growth both as a writer and creatively. I set out to write songs that had deeper meaning and could keep the listener interested from the first note on “Turning It Up” to the last note on “Hometown”. I hope I’ve done that.”

And we think he did! “Turning It Up” is an ear catcher and an awesome choice as a first single. It perfectly describes the rest of the album’s sound, which would have to be overall a fun, uplifting, and true-to-self record.

You can find Turning It Up available December 15, 2017.

Till then, you can listen to their single “Turning It Up” below!

Jay Clark Band: