Created out of jealousy a decade ago in Copenhagen, The Informations is the moniker under which I create music that sounds like lost albums from our youth, bands from countries that never existed, melodies and lyrics from our dreams. All it needs is a listener – all it needs is to be discovered. Or rediscovered. 

Strange Habits” is inspired by the idea of making music with a completely free mindset – of course, that’s impossible in real life. Watch the music video for my single on YOUTUBE or stream “Strange Habits” on SPOTIFY // SOUNDCLOUD.




I wrote, produced and recorded the track in one session at my dad’s obscure basement studio – just me alone with all of his cool instruments. I picked the first ideas and never looked back. The epically talented Fridolin Nordsø and Kristian Leth then added the finishing touches to the mix/production.

Strange Habits” is a small vacation from daily life, a breeze of freedom. 

Hope you enjoy!