The rising psychedelic and alternative rock duo The Impliers are taking the world of music by storm with their impressively crafted tunes. The pair, consisting of Dan Hartman and Charles Ingram, are charming and charismatic as they create honest tunes and funny Instagram videos. They utilize every part of an instrument, every note possible, and every tool at their disposal to create their Pink Floyd meets Beach Boys (in the vocals) meets Tame Impala sound.

Their new single, “Stigma,” is by far the catchiest of the songs they’ve released from their upcoming debut album cocoon, coming out later this summer. “Stigma” has more of a grounded melody, in that the hook and beat are consistent throughout, unlike “Lightning” which was more chaotic. Lyrically speaking, “Stigma” speaks on the stigmas surrounding mental health. They sing “Finally your mind is free/No one knows the lie you keep/Another stigma/They’re gonna get ya/Your only hope disguised you.” 

“Charles and I wrote this song remotely after creating mirroring home studios,” shares Dan. “When we were teenagers our writing process was built around creating a new tuning and then recording improvisations and pulling out riffs and arranging them, which we kind of grew into being able to create on the spot as we grew older, so this kind of back & forth was kind of a new experiment for us. With our remote creation process, one of us sends something in a basic state to the other in the hopes of being surprised or having their expectations blown to bits by the other, we have a term for this – don’t send it back unless you send it to another planet – so when we send something to one another we say ‘send it to Maz’ in the hopes that the other breaks it and sends it on a new trajectory.”

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“Stigma” is a really moving song that shares the inner demons that some of us carry. It’s relatable and an honest representation of what anxieties can feel like. 

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