Life of Grant is the latest album from Finland’s The Impersonators.  The collection tells the story of a man known as Grant, who explores the effects of war scars, and how they have influenced his many aspects of life. The album relates this message to its audience, and it is conveyed with a sense of emotion, on what had happened to his godfather during the war. The mix and production are excellent, which makes it even more enjoyable. There is a degree of softness to the instruments, which evokes the soul and feelings of these songs, all delivered with a sweet tone and incredible dynamics.

I recommend checking out the new music video for “Scarlet Hell.” It is extremely engaging and impactful, making it one to watch over and over.  Arguably, Life Of Grant presents The Impersonators in all their power pop glory.  How this band remains flying under the radar of many major outlets is beyond me.  They are putting in the work and delivering the goods, now more than ever!

-Vanessa Ritter