Having previously been signed to Sony/BMG with Carmen Gray, one of Finland’s finest rock bands, Tom Tikka has formed The Impersonators, a two-man project with Antti Autio, born out of their ashes and designed to cut out the politics and strife which come from the rock ‘n’ roll carnival of band life. Resolutely studio-based, The Impersonators channel the bejeweled power-pop of The Go-Betweens and the immediacy/worldliness of early R.E.M. to deliver timeless alt-pop melodies. 

It’s always good to hear from an experienced band, and seeing this is the new project from a former Carmen Gray, one knows the band already know the ropes.  “Scarlet Hell” sounds like it promises something more on the Goth vein; instead, what we have is an incredibly groovy pop-rock song, with rhythms that can only be described as “suave” (or perhaps sexy?) and awesome combinations of instruments. Vocals are sultry and very well mixed, choruses are perfectly well-incorporated. There is something for everyone in this song. Surprising, but delightful!

The band’s new LP is out on Friday, March 26th, entitled “Life Of Grant.”