Giovanna is more than just a pop star. With her background in cinematic scoring, she has taken her talents in other areas of media and applied them to her unique brand of ethereal pop music. Her years spent in training to create emotive and inspiring (and award-winning) scores definitely translates into her music, and the accompanying videos are equally intellectual, really ensuring that Giovanna stands out from the crowd.


The innovative video for Giovanna’s comeback track, ‘Young Heart Player’ makes use, not of the usual nightclub setting for a music video of its genre, but instead of a courtroom. And again, the video does not incorporate the usual lip-synced performances of its singer, but instead decides to tell the story of the song through the medium of dance. That’s right, the emotions of ‘Young Heart Player’ have been perfectly and expertly captured by the talents of choreographers and dancers Kayla Lomas-Kirton and Duwane Taylor. 


The dance is a struggle between the two performers, intended to reflect the power struggles found in relationships and in courtrooms the world over. It’s fitting for a song of this calibre to have a music video to match the intellectual standard set by the song’s lyrics and instrumentation. 


It’s an impressive piece of choreography which begins with Kayla being controlled by Duwane, before slowly and steadily taking back control until the power dynamic has completely swapped. Each movement is carefully set to the beats of the music to create a truly holistic multi-media approach to this fantastic pop song – exactly what you would expect from this award-winning film scorer.


Giovanna truly is a talent, but more than that, she is a talent who inspires other talents, something truly coveted by every artist who wishes their work to inspire consequential pieces of art. May her impact long continue, and may there be more works from Giovanna to come in the future. 

Watch this uniquely stunning video down below!