The Horn are a collective of five musicians who have seemingly been there and done it. Looking to branch out on their already broadened horizons, the quintet have been making themselves more than known since their debut single ‘Passion’ back in June, and now return with their aptly titled third single ‘Power Show’. A song all about the powers being in the wrong hands in the world around us, ‘Power Show’ is a, no pun intended, powerful indictment of the state we’re all in.

Channeling this energy in an upbeat and quite uplifting soft indie rock offering, fans of The View and The Coral with jump at the opportunity of tuning into The Horn. Catchy riffs and anthemic tones throughout, make The Horn more than a band to look out for, they’re here and already standing at the front of the queue.

They continue to say that “So many cults around us, not just religious & political, scroll any social media or watch, listen or read any media in any country and so many people think their cult or their beliefs whatever they are, are more important or more real than someone else’s, they are not, just be nice that’s all you need, piss off, it’s exhausting!”