Collaborations have long since been vital to the world of hip hop and popular music in general, giving new artists on the scene the chance to reach a wider audience by featuring a known and respected artist on their track, or vice versa. Steven Malcolm has really hit the jackpot with his latest tune, a song featuring a verse by the one and only dancehall legend that is Shaggy.


Yes, that Shaggy, Mr. Bombastic himself, has chosen to feature on Steven Malcolm’s ‘Fuego’, a reworking of a previously released song, with an additional Carribean flair honouring Malcolm’s Jamaican roots. Shaggy lends a verse to the punchy and aggressive song, which makes use of a trap beat and Latino guitars in its quest to span genres and cultures. 


The song is a melting pot of influences, but it never sounds like a mess. Instead this well-mediated product is the result of careful planning and honesty when it comes to portraying exactly the mission statement with which this artist hopes – and continues – to capture the minds and ears of the world’s hip hop community.


You can watch the video below: