In order to encapsulate the spectacularly surreal look and feel of the visuals for his new award-winning independent film “Finding Ophelia,” director Stephen Rutterford fully understood he’d need to enlist an entire team of equally cutting-edge artists to create a soundtrack filled with sensory vibes.

Taking his time to carefully select a range of verifiable all-stars that build their music through wild sonic-textures & tones, completely capable of designing gripping atmospheres that would complement his stunning work onscreen – no stone was left unturned in search for the absolute perfect pairing between sight & sound.

From the twisted & mysterious, to the bold, bizarre & the beautiful – the “Finding Ophelia” Soundtrack is 100% stocked & loaded with powerfully cinematic songs that both immaculately suit the film & strongly speak for themselves. Featuring essential contributions from legendary talents, including Ben Runyan, Brainorchestra, ShadowRunnerX, and Prolificators (DVR + EFKTS) – together they’ve created an auditory adventure that’s equally as compelling, intelligent, expressive, and illusory as “Finding Ophelia” is visually.

Join Stephen Rutterford this year as he proudly releases a groundbreaking new film & reaches a massive milestone in his career with the worldwide debut of “Finding Ophelia” this summer on Amazon Prime June 23rd – & take the story even further through an unforgettable experience fueled by the vividly insightful & vibrantly imaginative music of its soundtrack arriving officially on every major music platform July 1st.
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