The Erly are a brilliant quartet hailing from Michigan. A unique concoction of indie, soul and pop surrounds the band in spades, and it shows and runs true. After two albums, various EPs and singles, the band have organically grown over their 4 years as a group, and have returned now with arguably their best and most hook-filled release yet in ‘Tracing Circles’

A perfect blend of 60s and 70s soul music, mixed with a guitar filled indie pop twang of hook filled melodies and harmonious male and female vocals, The Erly have really outdone themselves in this one. It shows all their character and musical wit instantly, and hitting those oh so sweet notes that any music lover will bow down too. Essentially what we’re saying is – what’s NOT to like?! Check out ‘Tracing Circles’ by the Erly now.

The band say that “Tracing Circles is about trying to figure out what you want out of life. Not only is it about the endless up and down cycle of fail-win-fail, but it also touches on whether you are following your dream or someone else’s.”