Ferera Swan is a recording artist, songwriter, composer, pianist, and violinist who writes music for herself and others like her, who have gone through similar experiences when it comes to being an adult child of adoption. “These songs are a universal call for collective healing. Within them, I’m telling my story and speaking my truth,” says Ferera. She started playing the piano at 3 and started writing her own original music at 10, when it was revealed to her that she was adopted.  All her unanswered questions and unresolved feelings were poured into her music. She is an outspoken advocate for others, shining a light on the shadowy issues surrounding the industry such as family separation, grief, reunion, shame, secrecy, and generational trauma. In the past 3 years, she changed her name to reflect her Filipino-American heritage and the identities of her birth parents. In doing so, she is celebrating her cultural identity and acknowledging her painfully complex birth story. She has released a series of original singles and has written, arranged, and engineered music for other artists in varying genres, and she has worked as a session musician in a variety of contexts.

Ferera’s new cinematic pop single, “To Say Goodbye” is rife with heavy emotion and poeticism. Her voice is similar to that of Kelly Clarkson and the music is like that of a movie soundtrack. The ambient sounds in the verses implies a disassociation from herself. As the song progresses and we get to the chorus, there’s an increase in volume of the music and energy of the song. The melody becomes clearer and the lyrics become more meaningful as she sings “tell me how to say goodbye to the one is supposed to love you.” The strength of the music in the chorus implies both acceptance and an invitation to feel lost or confused.

“The lyrics in the chorus of ‘To Say Goodbye’ is intended to be more of a rhetorical question, but more of an invitation to explore this kind of ambiguous loss,” says Ferera. “After struggling for most of my life asking myself, how do I let go of my mother? I’ve realized: I don’t. With certain kinds of loss, perhaps it’s not about letting go, but about looking in, finding the courage to sit with our pain, being changed by what it tells us, and experiencing the healing that will come as a result of that act of self-love and bravery.”

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There is a saying that pain is the price of admission to a new life. This applies to Ferera in that she has channeled her trauma into a creative and personal rebirth. “Some of our greatest gifts can be found in our deepest pain. Through allowing myself to explore what hurts, I’ve found purpose, self-compassion, and the meaning of courage”, she says.

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