Inspired by the old epics of Beowulf, Hrolf Kraki, Lord of the Rings, and old Irish Myths, as well as the clock ticking away in her home, Tara Novak wrote an epic of her own for her new pop single, “A Place Called Purpose.” A story that she wrote, the song is about a female heroine who captains a ship with only her knowledge, intuition, and courage to guide her on the open seas as she races against time to her destination. She faces outward storms and inner doubts and ultimately comes out renewed in her belief herself. She is a true heroine, like all of us who face the many battles in life. 

What makes “A Place Called Purpose” so fun and nostalgic of these old epics, is the way she uses the music itself to guide the listener through the journey of this heroine, not just the lyrics. She utilizes her classical violin training in the song by making the chorus in major to show and underscore the heroines feeling of hope and possibility, while the minor versus emphasizes the challenges she’s facing. If you really listen to the masterful way she uses music, you’ll notice that she incorporated very high but quiet notes on her violin into the intro to create a “ghost-like” sound, and to set up the atmosphere for the beginning of the story.

“A Place Called Purpose” is ambient, mystical, fantastical, and just down right genius storytelling. Tara has found passion in her music, and her new single proves that. Clocks tick and the orchestra sweeps the listener on their own journey, a perfect reflective soundtrack for the start of a new year.

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