Bewitched from the very first note, it’s tara-bridget’s distinctive vocals that steal the spotlight. Delicate but still coming across as fiercely powerful, the innovative songwriter’s voice could easily find her singing alongside the greats. Aiming to grow as an artist and truly cement her sound, ‘She’s so cool’ really details the importance of staying true to yourself and finding your ‘niche’. Starting her career back in 2017 by publishing her music on Soundcloud and recording with a USB mic, tara-bridget began writing lo-fi pop music. Gradually maturing with each release, tara-bridget is somewhere between indie-rock, alternative-pop and dream-pop.

Sharing her thoughts on the release, tara-bridget shares, She’s so cool was originally written for my best friend, who had a tough year. Over time, I think the song took on a broader narrative of working women I was raised around, and all around reconciling with growing into myself and finding my place as an artist, as a person. 

I found the melody by accident, looking for something more upbeat at the time, but I felt the lead keys were self-discovering, and the lyrics had kind of just come to me. I was thinking about my best friend, and how I love her. A fun fact is that I kept the first lead vocal take I ever took. I just sat down, and it felt perfect. Those things are rare, and I prefer not to mess with them.”