Talia is a French grunge rock group consisting of Alice Thomas (bass), Nicolas Costa (guitar/vocals), and Hervé Goardou (drums). Since releasing their latest album Thugs They Look like Angels in 2015, the band needed a bit a change.

Rather than have an original track, Talia shared with the world their new cover of the song “Bastards of Young” by The Replacements. Although Talia wanted to stay true to the original’s energetic beat, they put a twist on the vocals making the song a lot grungier, due to Nicolas’ voice naturally having an edgier vibe to it. But seriously, we’re all for it! It’s crazy how much a song can still stay true its original while being so different at the same time.

Talia will be hitting the studio to record their next EP with Steve Albini in October, so stay tuned for more original music coming your way!

If you live in California and want to see Talia, you’re in luck! They will be playing Whisky a Go Go on November 4th. You can purchase your tickets HERE.

Check out their cover track for “Bastards Of Young” on YouTube below: