Taking on music after 2019’s ‘Trippin’, singer-songwriter Giulia is gearing up for a monumental 2020. Another year in music, Giulia is setting her sights on hitting the big time, by releasing some seriously good new material in the following months to come. 

No stranger to the creative industries, Giulia has explored a range of creative outputs, most notably her collaboration with up-and-coming fashion designer Anna Sammarone, however Giulia kept going back to music. “I took the ultimate decision of entering this career as my first choice in life; so with a lot of support from my family and friends, I started moving around looking for opportunities, making demos and trying to meet and network with people to work with and progress my path in music,” Giulia states, and she has not disappointed.

 Having released the out of this world music video for track ‘Trippin’ during Summer last year, what’s next for Giulia in 2020? Well, with the promise of a trilogy of music videos, with the first episode being ‘Trippin’, the remainder of visuals are sure to hit screens this year.