Tai Mistyque opts for a smokey, updated noir with the decadent silky sound of “Picture Me (feat Tae The Don).” Genre-wise, elements of dubstep, R&B, EDM, and pop flow into the fray. Full of a tremendous amount of color, the way that the kaleidoscopic array of the work swirls about adds to its luxurious nature. By far, however, the show’s true star rests with her powerful, determined voice, which nicely grows with the rest of the sound. A virtual powerhouse, the way she can cover so much with her lyricism is quite remarkable. There is a tenderness to it, one that feels beautiful to behold.

A whole slew of references abounds within the very powerful sound. 80s pop references flare-up over the course of the track, from the sparkling production of Duran Duran to the sort of intensity of Prince at the peak of his powers. Beyond this, her work does offer bits of Madonna’s peak career point, alongside more recent additions such as The Weeknd’s slick masterful ear for melody. Going into this moment in sound as well would be the futuristic gleam of Rhye’s unique take on R&B, for there is still that same sort of glossy finish to all of it.

Sultry saxophone work begins things up in earnest, as her vocals match the rather stunning imagery. Quite breathy at times, it starts to gradually formulate into something pitch-perfect. Every little element gets worked up into something rather stately. The way she lets the bass grow up into a purely physical force helps draw from the dancefloor’s throbbing origins. Her verses have a playfulness to them as they cascade downwards into something that is outright gorgeous. Layer upon layer, the rest of the sound is added, and the Byzantine result is something easy to get lost in. Volume is a must for the way that the song evolves further becomes an all-encompassing, all-consuming sound.

“Picture Me (feat. Tae The Don)” has a smoothness to it, showing off Tai Mistyque’s uncanny ability to weave a whole series of styles into her own voice.

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