Visionary artist, producer, entrepreneur, and innovator Studd Da Kidd is back with her latest “Lover Girl” commercial project. Designed to bring her fans and art community together through emotional attachment, it is a cinematic achievement, breaking new ground in her career.

The “Lover Girl” commercial will promote Studd Da Kidd’s upcoming Exposure Explosion Festival Live app, another project by the budding entrepreneur. Hoping to provide a platform for artists that puts the performer first, the commercial aims to bring artists and audiences closer by showcasing Studd Da Kidd’s personality traits and ideas.

To achieve its intended effect, only the best and brightest of the industry have been brought in. The music is a key feature of the commercial, and as such, Studd Da Kidd herself has taken the helm, providing the music for the commercial alongside renowned artist Ozzy Lennon.

Production is also being handled by Studd Da Kidd and DRH Consulting, Erick Hernandez, and Transcendent Visionz. The commercial is being filmed at the scenic Omni La Mansión del Rio, with the iconic San Antonio Riverwalk acting as a backdrop to take the viewer on a trip down the town’s history, art, and culture.

The commercial will star the ever-talented Brianna Medrano in its lead role. Creativity will be a big focus in “Lover Girl,” enhancing Studd Da Kidd’s brand and giving the world an idea of the person behind the upcoming Exposure Explosion Festival, as well as its accompanying application.

“Lover Girl” is only part one of a planned two-part commercial series, an interesting and novel choice in the modern-day. Part two is scheduled for release on November 5th, with part one establishing essential details and the tone for what is to come.

Studd Da Kidd has established herself as a person to watch in the front of musical innovation between the Exposure Explosion Festival and her many other projects. Now join her as she takes a bold step towards the future of music with the “Lover Girl” commercial.

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