Why,” the new single from Ekelle, is a breakup song that isn’t the kind where you stay down forever. It’s about knowing that you deserve better and moving on. 

Some people like to say forgive and forget, but Ekelle doesn’t believe in that. If someone has been awful to you, you should forgive yourself and treat the experience as a lesson. 

This should serve as an example as to how you shouldn’t be treated. 

It’s okay and necessary to kick shitty people out of your life.

This song is quite mellow in the verses so that you can reflect on your relationship, but as “Why progresses each hook gets more intense.  

That’s what a breakup is though, right? You’re feeling low at the beginning, but as time goes by you remember who you are, pick yourself up and move forward.

If you’re in a situation where you aren’t getting everything you need, it’s Ekelle‘s hope that this song inspires you to think about all that you bring to the table and start looking at your options.