Welcome to Indie- Music Stone Fruit, thank you for joining us today and congratulations on the release of your new EP ‘Hold Me Close’.


What was the creative process like on making this EP? Did Covid affect your plans at all?

Thank you so much for having us!

Although we were lucky enough to record some of the EP before the pandemic outbreak, there was still a lot of work to be done. To progress, we had to find ways to work on the EP online. That was a big learning curve for us since we are so used to sitting next to each other and brainstorming ideas without the ZOOM or FaceTime latency! It took some time to adjust, and things were moving slower than we would like. Moreover, we are good friends, so we were missing each other and all our little song-writing rituals.

How did you overcome any obstacles you may have faced?

Eventually it comes down to the fact that we tried to deal with the new situation with positivity and curiosity. We re-evaluated a lot of things about the way we work and in the end it was an opportunity to adapt and grow.

What is your favourite part about being a musician?

Writing, producing, and releasing new music. We both find a lot of joy and fulfilment in this process. Then, when the songs that are born in our heads and hearts and grow in our home studio, go out in the world, it creates a unique form of communication and intimacy with our listeners. It is so much fun to see how other people perceive and interpret our songs.

Favourite current artist at the moment?

Warpaint, NAO & Ry X

What comes first for you, the melody/chords or the lyrics, or does it vary?

It varies really. Most of the times when a song starts to come alive, it happens almost at the same time. We usually start with one instrument and a melody line and then we are layering everything while writing some of the lyrics at the same time. Later on we go back and improve on lyrics and sometimes even re-imagining the whole arrangement. 

Favourite place to write music together?

Lef’s home studio. Feels like the safest place in the world.

Finally, where can audiences see you play live? Do you have any upcoming gigs?

For the time being, we are 100% focused in promoting and supporting the EP online.

But we have truly missed live performances, so some live shows will be arranged soon. Anyone who is interested in knowing how we do, what’s new and if any shows are coming up, could stay in touch via our website or our socials. We would love to see you there!

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Check out Stone Fruits EP below: