Steven H Scott is a New Hampshire based singer, songwriter and guitarist who writes, what he describes as, “folk-rock for dreamers.” His latest debut EP entitled “Albino Road” includes both an A and a B side. The A side is made up of Scott’s original compositions; the B side is the acoustic collection.

With soft piano notes and Steven’s characteristic intense vocals, the title track of the EP “Albino Road” is an altogether powerful track that tells the tale of two albino boys who drowned in the local town by their elders because of their strange looks.

“Burn the witches down, burn them straight into the ground. Like a haunted we play it over and over and over again.”

There is a theme of history repeating, of our ignorance as humans not ever learning from the mistakes of the past.

About “Albino Road”, Scott says:

“Albino Road was originally going to be just me and an acoustic guitar. However, after recording it I felt it needed something amazing. I sent the tune to my friend Jay and he added the amazing piano arrangement which brought the song to a whole new level. I adore how the guitar and piano whimsically play off each other. Recording it in my studio was a very fulfilling experience.”

Lilting piano scales, and guitar harmonies give us a bittersweet and haunting end to the song. Scott’s title track from this EP is sure to be followed by similar experiences on the full EP. Have a listen here on Spotify.

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