Ariana Savalas has released the first taste of her upcoming album, with a beautiful and unfeigned new single titled ‘What Do You Wanna Know’. Dropped on Friday (June 17th), ‘What Do You Wanna Know’ explores the daunting feeling of being lost or stuck in the direction you’re going in life.

With beautifully written introspective lyrics, like “What do you wanna know? How I’m 34, still searching for the meaning | Friends are moving on I’m stuck in stone”, and incredible production by the likes of legendary producer Steve Power.

The new album will mark the follow-up to Ariana’s 2020 debut ‘The Dead Dance’, an album that saw Ariana step into a world of her own after years of working with viral sensation Postmodern Jukebox. 

The video shows Ariana coming back from a burlesque performance and becoming herself, as she watches the television, starring herself free somewhere on an open beach, perhaps dreaming of another life or having it all figured out. Watch that below: