May is National Mental Health month, and to honor that, pop vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Stef Amadeus is releasing a single about her own personal journey of growth and healing. The single, ‘Better’ is available now on all streaming services, and an official lyric video premiered on YouTube.

The Atlanta based singer explains just how personal this song is to her:

“Like many people, I have struggled with mental illness, and I will continue to in the future. And like many people, I had too many moments where I felt like I was alone. Change came for me in the form of deep, personal work but most importantly, a beautiful support system. It’s really important to me that others also understand that they are not alone — there is a support system waiting for you.”

The piano based acoustic track, written and produced completely by Stef, is a way for her to branch out and connect with others who have gone through their own struggles as well. The singer has invited individuals to reach out to her on her social media and share their stories, or simply talk if that is all they need.

She is also donating funds for the single and hosting a fundraiser for the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

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