Through her empathetic and intrinsic capabilities, Star Goes Nova lights a fire in her listeners to reach for the stars and beyond. Working with Grammy producer John Baffa, Christine Law reinvented herself from a well-known Southern California bassist to a multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer. As Star Goes Nova, she creates epic Neoclassical Electronica stories that combine real instruments with EDM sonics, transcending past and future. “The Apprentice” is an epic tale for all who desperately search for meaning. Weaving her 115 year old classical piano, power drums, deep bass EDM themes and featuring Disney vocalist Karen Eden, Star Goes Nova gives her listeners a space to find personal power and dream of magical worlds.

Inspired by Game of Thrones and other Viking tales, “The Apprentice” is a Neoclassical Electronica story of a young dreamer searching for beauty and power. Star Goes Nova, aka Christine Law from the Santa Barbara area, is a multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer who masterfully bonds dubstep drums, grime bass and a 115 year old grand piano. Well known on the Southern California scene as a bassist, Christine’s life was changed by her personal battle with the Thomas Fire to save her horses. Being surrounded by flames, she experienced a dimension that merged the real with the unreal and became Star Goes Nova. The melding of her hardcore and childhood orchestra sonic aesthetics was literally forged by fire. Working with Grammy producer John Baffa and Disney vocalist Karen Eden, “The Apprentice” embraces the magical possibilities of symphonic fantasy and EDM to give the listener a space to find their own power and magic.

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