Christine Law, professionally known as Star Goes Nova, dives into the depths of electronica and EDM. She challenges our notions of the genre and takes us to places we never knew we could go. She often uses the Falcon 9 rocket or Hubble galaxy sonifications in her music, which adds a sense of power and movement in her songs. When we heard this talented multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer is releasing a new song, we had to find out what she had in store.

“Earth is Reaching Out” is unlike anything she has done before. She collaborates with Charles Law to create a striking and progressive rock melody shaped by her dubstep and synthesizing rhythm and sound. This song is more physical and sensual than any of her other works as she tries to bring awareness to the change of our planet.

Law shares of the single:

“Star Goes Nova gives a persona to the most alive entity in our solar system, our planet Earth. Earth is a vibrant being, always with us and increasingly in pain. Electronica infused with influences of The Cult, Bono and Bowie weave an outcry to see all the powerful ways Earth is trying to reach us. Star Goes Nova’s signature dubstep beat, ethereal synthesizers and Charles Law’s progressive rock electric guitar becomes the voice of planet Earth crying out that real solutions begin with appreciating what is right outside the window. ” Inspired by the environmental personhood movement and the rivers that have been granted legal rights as a person (Whanganui River, Klamath River, Bolivia’s Law of Rights of Mother Earth and more), Star Goes Nova brings us a plea from the personhood of planet Earth for acknowledgement and love.”

The video for “Earth is Reaching Out” is the perfect compliment to the song, and in Star Goes Nova fashion, she hits it out of the park. The video for “Earth is Reaching Out” is different from her other works. She gives character and voice to Mother Earth. It’s beautiful, sensual, and physical.

“Earth is Reaching Out” is by far Star Goes Nova’s most passionate and empowering songs to date. She uses her creativity to bring voice to the Earth. She never ceases to amaze with her signature dubstep to show beauty, time, and space in the reality that surrounds us. A huge bravo to Star Goes Nova. “Earth is Reaching Out” is available today September 16, so listen in now.

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