Star Goes Nova, more commonly known as bassist Christine Law of Southern California, is no stranger to the magic of music. She’s toured and recorded with a variety of artists, including Tantrum, John Baffa, Theo Mordey, Suzanne Paris, and David Holster, just to name a few. She takes inspiration from artists like Seven Lions, Leah, Leo Z, Pink Floyd and Illenium, but also beauty and power in things one wouldn’t think of. She recently released a video for her new song “Moonlight Beat.” The song alone takes you on a magical ride, putting you into a musical coma. The video elevates you even further. It’s like the music and the visuals are in a dance with each other. They’re balanced and neither overtakes the other. She’s telling a story, one that’s different to each viewer and listener.

The electronic sounds of the overall beat of the song is present through the use of machines. In the video, she seems to associate the electronic music with the metallic, electronic, and space-like visuals while the piano, being more classical, is associated with more natural visuals. The introduction of the piano is actually a line of music that dances across the screen. When the electronic music goes away and we just hear the piano towards the end, we don’t see anything metal or synthetic, but only the moon overlooking a natural landscape.