Sound Royalties, the finance firm that provides artists with advances on future royalties without having to part with their copyrights, has formed a new strategic marketing relationship with YouTube money monetizer AdRev to provide cash advances to content creators on the Google-owned platform.

The core element of the partnership will allow content creators who work with AdRev to ensure proper collection of royalties via video streaming platforms, to access Sound Royalties’ offerings of special financing. Based on previous earnings from YouTube, Facebook and other platforms, creators will be able request advances of anywhere between $5,000 to $10 million to tide them over until royalties are distributed.

The companies said the pairing will mean that the content creators will be able to retain their copyrights and also receive overflow income.

“Sound Royalties is thrilled to join forces with AdRev while continuing to extend our services to the many talented music professionals within the video content creation community,” said Alex Heiche, founder and CEO of Sound Royalties. “We are eager to help additional creatives in this space retain their royalties, receive the funding needed, advance their careers and provide for their lifestyle.”

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