The poet and songwriter uses wit and humour to address day to day challenges we face as a society.

Introducing Ruth Garnes, the creator of Songs By Ruth, a poet and songwriter who uses wit and humour to address day to day challenges we face as a society.

Listen to her inspiring material and you can simply discover an entry to a world of magic. The listener is transported through a journey which can only be described with words eluding to bliss,unique, deep, raw and emotionally uplifting. Songs by Ruth is about life’s ups and downs with an encouraging message tailored into the content. Her songs are honest and from the soul, combining art, story telling and song in perfect unison. Her “Go Girl Go” single was inspired by a grandchild who likes Disney princesses but the primary focus of the song was to encourage confidence in women to pursue their life’s dream.

With everything going on in today’s society, one needs a vehicle of motivation to inspire the next generation to take action. This does just that and the message of the song is that women can achieve without the beauty, and aesthetics that is currently promoted. With lyrics such as “like beauty is all that matter, like beauty is all that flatters.” Women can do great, great things regardless of what we see when they look in the mirror. It encourages women to set their standard and be the change they really want to see in the world. In other words, don’t follow trends, but instead set the trends for others to follow.

This “Go Girl Go” single was selected for the 10th anniversary Independent No.1‘s award winning album produced by Billboard Top 10 Producer and MTV EMA Nominee Oliver Sean. Ruth’s discography of singles is a continuing conversations of life set to pop, Americana and spirituals. Her music is currently available on most streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, apple music, and so on.

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