The Baltimore based artist Slim Sly Slender had his musical awakening in 2009, during a casual warehouse jam session with friends. A successful painter and visual artist since his youth, Slim had an epiphany that day–and one single experience set him on a new path to become a prolific singer-songwriter. His quirky, wry lyrical style and straightforward instrumental settings are reminiscent of the Beatles music he grew up with, as well as great 80s acts such as Randy Newman, Billy Bragg, and  Andy Partridge of the XTC. 

Slim Sly Slender is setting up for the release of his sixth album, Pay to Play, with his recent single “The One That Didn’t Walk Away.” This song has such a nostalgia to it as it harkens us back to the early days of The British Invasion through the rhythm of the drums, and the overall vibe of the song.

The simple story telling and catchy hooks of Van Morrison, Ray Davies and the Kinks, Colin Blunstone and the Zombies, et al. has always been one of my favorite musical genres,” Jay shares “…and I ventured to create something in that vein with ‘The One That Didn’t Walk Away.’”

 “The One That Didn’t Walk Away” sounds like it was meant to be on The Beatles’ 1966 album, Revolver. The bassline is comparable to the late Chas Chandler’s of The Animals. The Monkees harmonies over a Donovan-esque melody transports its listeners back in time. However, the tone of the electric guitar in the chorus has a similar tone to “Soak Up the Sun” by Sheryl Crow. This unforgettable song will be stuck in anyone’s head after the first listen.

Listen here:

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