Skylimit is the cinematic project from Stephen Balcos who continues to thrive is the synth pop world, taking after influences like Owl City and Madeon. The new single ‘The Other Side’ is the next development for Stephen as he explores the happy/sad theme of going through difficult times and coming out a better person. We enjoy songs that take us on a journey here, so this fits right in. Be sure to check out the song below!

In terms of instrumentation and production style, we see a familiarity to past work with the new track. However, there are more layers added when it comes to arrangement and lyricism, which shows the ambition of the project. Epic sounding drums akin to m83 during the chorus juxtaposed with soft piano sections show that The Other Side is not the kind of song that was just stumbled upon, but has been worked on for a while, and is well thought out.

Speaking on the track, Skylimit says:

“The Other Side” is about struggling with self-doubt and that it’s going to be okay, a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.