The empty and desolate streets of New York City set the scene for The FMs sinister new song and video, “Silent City” released through TRAX Records on May 20, 2020. The song is about a pandemic that hit New York. Even under normal circumstances this would be a scary theme. What elevates the fear factor in this song is that it was written last year.

Matte Namer and Frankie Rex dominate the foreboding harmonies within the cool lyrical and instrumental collaboration. The song warns “stay inside and everything will be alright.” Did the band know something we didn’t? Whatever the case the song is reminiscing other Depeche Mode songs, and it works.

The FMs happen to be a New York based band with a loyal following. According to front man Matte Namer,  he wrote the song as a love letter to New York because the city has given him so much. The FMs are a goth, glam rock, gender advocate, androgynous awareness band who has recently come off of appearing with one of their songs in the Showtime movie “Fluidity.” They want to save the world without being dicks about it. Their lyrics are smart, super relevant, and poetically creative.

The same time as “Silent City” was released so was the mind-blowing video attached to it. The video sets the tone for what New York City is actually encountering. It’s a tall building,  gray canvas, painted by an eerie sunset, type of psycho- sci-fi movie. It’s when your worst fears become a reality in the best possible way. It’s filled with isolation, fear, discontentment, while being superbly entertaining at the same time. If you’re seeing the video and you live in middle America…this is what New York really looks like during this historic situation. I wonder if Namer has a self-fulfilling prophecy? All of that being said the song and the video has an energy. It’s creatively done and very intriguing. I loved the darkness and I loved the light!


4/5 Stars

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Review by Michelle Rosen