On the shores of the Australian Coast lies the creation of “Lucretia’s Eylandt”, the newest video and single release from sensational recording artist Andy Michaels, off his full length album ¬†release “Revisited”. The video is a tribute to one of the bloodiest Pirate catastrophes in Australian history, including mutiny, murder, rape and cannibalism, and the horrors associated with the wreck of the Dutch East India Company’s Batavia. The song is a celebration of music and prolific lyrical poetry.

The video displays the blue waters of Australia, the majesty of the whale, and historical pictures of wreck of the Batavia in the Western Coast of the continent. The photography is scenic and beautiful whilst the historic memories are blatant and realistic. It captures the essence of the disaster while the passion of the ocean plays a part in the beauty of the video.

The song is a gentle, yet powerfully emotional expression of the tragedy, executed with lush harmonies and hauntingly melodic instrumentals. It’s a surprisingly serene track for such a terrible event, however the sadness in the vocal arrangement desperately prevails. The artistry of the song and video is a brilliant piece of creativity on the part of Michaels.

The album “Revisited” is a poignant, sensitive and affecting conglomeration of music and poetry at its best. It defies genre and contains a spiritual essence rare in today’s music industry….




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