Toronto’s biggest names may be coming out of the hip-hop genre, but make no mistake, the rock scene within the country is growing at an exponential rate. One name that is sure to be on everyone’s radar as 2020 wears on is Walker’s Cay. The band consists of vocalist and keyboardist Gary LaBarr, guitarist Mike Swain, bass guitarist Tim Morrissey, and drummer Dave Pistilli. Each member of the quartet brings a unique component unlike any other, whether it be LaBarr’s experience in the industry or Morrissey’s perfectionism. All of their skills come in handy on their latest release, “Tell Me.”

This record feels like it jumped right off of a vinyl from the 1970s, having a great blend of styles from the past and present. The guitar on this song really stands out and comes with a lot of bravado behind it, filling the listener’s ear with an amazing riff and a soothing melody. The lyrics tell a tale of a secret that needs to be unearthed for the better of a relationship, and you can feel the tension build as a cacophony of sounds ensues near the chorus. Walker’s Cay has all the makings of a soon-to-be success, and this single proves it!

–Colton Devonshire