“Afraid of Love” is a musically outstanding song with an interesting theme. It’s well produced with lots of harmony and full sonic orchestrations, a tough feat to accomplish for a duo. This duo has accomplished miraculous things with their other singles as well and is an entertaining pleasure to listen to.

For me ‘Afraid of Love” can be about taking chances, an inspirational task. No matter what the Chicago bass duet intended Jorie and Mario left room for thought within the lyrics and allows the listener their own interpretation. I read in an interview that the song also has a twist to it if you really listen.

Although there is a lot of relevance in the song and even an electronic beginning there is something classically reminiscent of the music of times gone by. It’s also fun to hear while driving in your car and wanting to think, as well as including it on ones playlist for the gym. I particularly liked songs with double meanings that defy genre boundaries found within. It leads me to wonder what was in the writer’s mind when he or she created the tune. Great work PondHawks….and I love the name The PondHawks.

5/5 Stars

The official website for The Pondhawks may be found at https://www.thepondhawks.com