When L.A. punk-rockers Tarah Who? undertake a project, they tend to invariably take a simple concept, couple it with a social message, and then beat the living sh$t out of it. With their latest single, “Push Me,” Tarah Who? bring their same high-energy, aggressive, and socially aware pissed-off attitude to the forefront as they deliver a message of being “pushed to the limit”, and now they are being pushed “to raise my voice”. “Push Me” is a collaborative effort with a Brazilian duo, now residing in London, Yur Mum. The power and technical precision brought to this project from this metal outfit, coupled with the sheer attitude and songwriting presence of Tarah Who? make “Push Me” an edgier addition to the already visceral catalog already presented. This is channeled towards the once-prestigious Grammy awards, whom Tarah Who? and Yur Mum feel are neglecting a key genre in their televised event. “Push Me” music video is expected to be out on January 28, 2022. Sneak peek has not been made available yet, but according to sources, the video will offer thrilling visuals to really capture the underlying message of empowerment and determination these two groups share to have their voices heard and bring female rock bands into the spotlight they deserve to be in.

Apart from the social message of “Push Me,” this track also features edgy, powerful riffs, a solid beat to really grab the audience’s attention, and vocals that cut through everything to reach the audience and make a solid connection. The technically proficient guitar is contrasted by the punk rhythms which give this track a highly replayable quality which would make this an ideal addition to any commercial rock radio playlist. As I am already a fan of Tarah Who? I feel I am well-served with this track, as it takes all the material I already truly love and gives me even more. With the addition of Yur Mum, I feel Tarah Who? have brought maturity and professionalism to a punk track which helps define and deliver their theme with ease and precision. On the flip side of this, after absorbing all of Yur Mum’s catalog in a very short time, “Push Me” is a track that allows these two technical artists to really capture a groove and explore an edgier side of their music. I highly recommend “Push Me” to any fan of unorthodox and non-conformist music which has important things to say and should be regarded with open minds and open hearts. Is this the last collaborative work from Tarah Who?, I certainly hope not.

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