Since my last review of the blonde bombshell from Dallas, TX, Stephanie “Lady Redneck” Lee has really started to grab a following in the Southern Country market. With the increased streams for “Don’t Try To Take Our Guns,” it is only a matter of time before this track starts charting. Since its release, I am still a little unsure if this song is meant in a tongue-in-cheek manner, or if the subject matter is serious and driving an agenda. With the previous releases Lady Redneck has been able to draw satire and clever wit to the typical Country subject matter with songs like “I Dented Your Truck,” and “Duct Tape My Broken Heart,” clearly these tracks are meant as humor and parody of the traditional “Redneck” character. However, with Don’t Try To Take Our Guns, we are left with a message that almost panders to the far-right movement of American values which is gaining movement as of late. OK, so subject matter aside, how does this track fit into the rest of Lady Reckneck’s catalog? “Don’t Try To Take Our Guns” showcases the mezzo-soprano range of Stephanie Lee, and at times highlights the overtones she is able to hit while remaining true to the original key. The articulation of notes throughout her vocal phrases is clear, and mature, lending to her track record of cover songs, and Christmas interpretations.

Overall, “Don’t Try To Take Our Guns,” is a poignant Country gem that hits all the right notes with the target audience. However, with such a divide on the base issues, Lady Redneck may have a hard time converting new fans to her music, unless the ultimate question of whether this track is meant in jest is answered. Musically, the guitar work is well-executed, with the right chords to help shape the vocal melodies and the right instrumentation to allow this track to fill the listening space. The production is very professional, with all those overtones ringing out crisp, and clear while the allotted headroom allows this track to be played at high volumes to really capture the presence of the vocal performance. Although, I am a fan of Lady Redneck’s holiday songs, and satirical Country tracks, I feel this track may have been a little too political for her overall image, and the kind of experience I am looking for from such a bright and talented up-and-coming Country artist.

–Lee Callaghan