If you’re looking for something simple, catchy and predictable, then don’t listen to John Vento’s new song “Vices”. If you’re used to listening to songs with verses, pre-choruses and choruses, you won’t find it here. However, open your mind (or ears) up a little, and you may find yourself drawn to this almost hypnotic track. In the opening lines, John Vento coons “don’t be surprised”, but it’s hard not to be with this track. With its sparsely spaced out instrumentation, only featuring mainly a hi-hat and bass, and spoken-word style delivery, “Vices” is anything but conventional. Vocally, Vento utilises a deep, baritone, smooth but almost ominous style of delivery, sending out a warning against capitalism and life’s vices. Some lyrical gems from “Vices” include “you have the choice to say no, but it’s a hell of a show”, and “they sell it in shows, they sell it in ads, they sell it in music, they sell it in fads” – painting a picture of a true rebellious message. Fans of the experimental and alternative scene will appreciate Vento’s original and unique artistry, as he boldly proclaims “rock and roll lost its soul”. “Vices” may not be for the masses or the mainstream ear, but when it finds its audience, the song’s addictive qualities will seep into your coconsciousness. On the hunt of something different and eye-opening? Listen to “Vices” by John Vento now.

-Fred E.