The calm and melodious voice of Jeremy Parsons captivates us again with his new single “Good Ole Days.” This new production by the Texas` artist will be released next Friday, July 17.

Parsons continues to surprise us this year with an extremely attractive and special sound. His musical sensitivity increasingly reveals his great potential as a singer and songwriter. Jeremy has found the strategic point between old and a modern country sound. No doubt, the blue tune of his vocal tone remains a key aspect of his musical essence.

“Good Ole Days” is a passionate and nostalgic look at the past and, in turn, the future to come. The song appears to be Jeremy’s second preview of an album he will release in January 2021. If you liked his previous single “Tragedy,” I’m sure you’ll be captivated by “Good Ole Days.” I hope we can enjoy more of Jeremy in 2020. – Yami Cabrera