I was so excited to listen to R&B/pop star Ian Guerin’s newest song “Chapter II.” The award winning recording artist once again continues the plight of his broken romances and heart break. His honesty and truths are refreshing and authentic.

Ian apparently was in love with a girl, however their relationship became fractured. In hopes of another chance he attempted to meet her with hopes of renewing what he thought they had. Unfortunately once again it didn’t work out for Ian as the girl canceled their coffee and then ghosted Ian as well.  Ian tells this story piece by piece in “Chapter ll.” He has written this song with passion and wishful thinking and hopes and dreams …..but without risk there is no possibility. Without failure there is no chance of any potential prize.

“Everybody wants to be loved, nonetheless they want to be loved by people who don’t even know how to love themselves and who aren’t ready to offer anything of quality. “Chapter II” is the story of how I wanted to get right with an X by complementing her life and sharing mine, while acknowledging that in the past I had only wanted her validation to complete  me and fill my voids”…. Ian Guerin

The song is radio friendly and the music is energetic. Quite different from the other songs on Ian’s album, “Irreplaceable”, it tends to lean towards pop. Ian has won several awards in the U.K. and has a loyal fan-base in the US. “Chapter II” will no doubt add to the mix.

The video for “Chapter II”  stars Ian himself as well as the critically acclaimed ballerina Lupita Martinez.  The music for the video was written and directed by filmmaker and producer the Marlene Guerin  and Danny Valdes during the COVID-19 lockdown.

4/5 Stars

Watch the “Chapter II” music video here:

For more info visit: http://www.ianguerinmusic.com/