2021 has been a busy year for Gigi Vega, with six singles released. “Down Crazy” is her latest single from a yet unannounced debut album release. With all the momentum leading up to this track, “Down Crazy” seems to be the track which propels Gigi Vega into the mainstream spotlight. At the time of this writing, “Down Crazy” has amassed over 5 million views on YouTube, in just over a month, along with 250k
streams on Spotify. These numbers are crazy, to say the least, and worthy of a listen and critical insight, what is Gigi Vega doing right?

Well, we can start with the low-hanging fruit, the video. The video for “Down Crazy” is spectacular, all the visuals keep the viewer’s attention; the dancing, choreography, party environment, and of course the beautiful people dressed for that pool party. The editing is very professional, switching between Gigi Vega singing her lyrics and the dancers accompanying the resolution of the beats. This effective use of the screen time given these two elements allows the viewer to get lost in the funk while igniting the urge to dance along. Coupled these images with a sub-plot of a male interest trying to win the affection of our heroine only to be shut down (nice toss in the pool), gives us a story to follow along with, and some humor as well.

“Down Crazy” blends clever instrumentation to push a syncopated beat, over majestic melodies. These melodies are achieved by layering the vocals to create a full listening space and staccato call and response style lyrics over each cadence. This playing of the scales with Gigi Vega’s vocals demonstrates the maturity of her producer, to create this multi-track, and multi-timbral effect with Gigi’s vocals. Through in some well-executed background singers, and this choral effect becomes the primary instrumentation exploited throughout “Down Crazy.” Of course, a party RnB track would not be nearly as successful as this without that kick-you-in-the-face beat. Clearly utilizing a drum sample track, the beats are not revolutionary by any stretch, they lend on derivative as an out-of-the-box program, however with the layers of vocals and other key synth samples pushing the melody, this rhythm does not require anything to pull away from the focal point, which is Gigi Vega.

So what is Gigi Vega’s secret then? Over 5 million views, a #3iTunes chart position, #19 on Billboard, and no album to speak of. Clearly, Gigi Vega is tapping into the new success formula, of delivering highlevel, high-quality hits after hit, in a manner that speaks to her audience, keeping them hooked on her majestic voice, and thrilling performance. Working with the hottest producers in the game surely has taught her to be a star, as Gigi Vega is building star-like momentum which cannot be ignored. “Down Crazy” is an enjoyable track, worthy of any Urban/Pop Radio playlist. “Down Crazy” is a must for any club playlist as the infectious grooves will keep dancers on the floor all night, and the visual spice will surely make your summer a memorable one.

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–Lee Callaghan