Ed Roman has released the song “Happiness.” The song is sure to please fans of multiple genres, such as pop and electronic. It is by and large an upbeat and feel-good song that will likely become a fan favorite.

The instrumental to “Happiness” is dominated by synth keys, with drums allowing the tempo to remain upbeat. The part most likely to resonate with listeners is the chorus. The repetition of the phrase “It’s just happiness” makes the chorus easy to remember, making for a strong effort. In the verses, Ed Roman mentions he wants to give everyone “ecstasy” and “empathy” because it “gets rid of your anxieties.” However, he sings in the pre-chorus “now cry everybody.” These are exact opposites, making for a short deviation from the song’s overall feel-good message.

Be on the lookout for Ed Roman’s upcoming album, “A Recipe For Perpetual Spring,” which will include “Happiness” as well as hits such as “Tomorrow Is Today” and “Stronger.” On the album, Roman states “I’m very excited to bring some new material to people, and I think the language exemplifies the dichotomy in the living moment.”

To learn more about Ed Roman, visit his website (www.edroman.net). You can also find him on Facebook (@edromanmusic), Twitter (@specialedroman), and Instagram (@specialedroman). “Happiness” can be streamed or downloaded on your music platform of choice.