The track “Leavin” by Cory M. Coons has a very strong 90s country-rock styling to it. If that’s your thing, you will appreciate how well put together this song is. The mid-tempo song is a mixture of both peaceful and sad notes, carried by Coons’ soothing voice, that melds well with the tone of the song. The guitars are strong and the drums are powerful, holding everything together perfectly with the vocals.

“Leavin” is heartfelt and meaningful. It tells the sad story that happens to a lot of musicians, which isn’t as overdone as one would think. It’s really cool to hear all the tiny details in the lyrics too. It makes the song have a very personal feeling to it, like Coons is truly burdened and is sharing it with the listener.

The flow of the song is wonderful. As “Leavin” goes on, the listener really gets comfortable. As I mentioned before, Coons has a soothing voice. It’s smooth and tender, dripping with emotion. He has great talent and as the song continues, his impressive range is put on display. For those who are into emotional, rootsy classic rock, I think it will stick in their minds and connect with their hearts.