Canadian artist Cory M. Coons delivers a quaint new single titled ‘Good Times Gone’, which is certain to brighten up your day. The lyrics reminisce of youthful experiences, imbued with joy and anticipation for the future. The protagonist is looking back on those times, with a fond nostalgia. The memories make Coons ‘…feel alive’, and this translates into an uplifting listening experience. Musically, the song rests on a steady mid-tempo rhythm and is supported by a glistening bed of acoustic guitars and other boutique string instruments. An inconspicuous organ part provides a hypnotic, ever-evolving wash of organic sound to glue the track together. The middle eight opens up with a weighty electric guitar solo, before settling into a final round of memorable choruses. The backing vocals are well arranged, offering a counter melody and sublime harmonies leading into the outro. ‘Good Times Gone’ by Cory M. Coons is a progression from this artist’s previous work, and listeners will be pleasantly surprised by this ray of sunshine immediately upon pressing the ‘play’ button.