From the opening bars of ‘Whiskey Road’ by Bill Abernathy, the sound of 70’s Kansas City rock n roll oozes from the speakers. The music has a retro influence, without being cliched. The guitars feature a warm saturation, lending shades of 90’s grunge to an otherwise distinctly country / rock track. Lyrically, the song depicts a journey down Whiskey Road, which is possibly a euphemism for some form of addiction, ‘like a lady in the night’ who will ‘rob you of all your riches’. Abernathy’s vocal is bold and familiar, featuring an appealing rustic quality. He and his band deliver this song with an earnest charm, while never preaching to the choir. ‘Whiskey Road’ is for fans of uncomplicated, hard living, old style rock n roll. A perfect soundtrack for those wanting to stay focused on a long, winding journey. -TMC