Indianapolis based gospel prodigy Antwan Jenkins can raise an audience to their feet in a split second of musical excitement. Such is the case with the opening for his latest single ‘Victory’, which leaps out of a pair of speakers with pure energy and perfection. With world-class production standards, the band syncopates in time with a mesmerizing rhythm section. Brass stabs shimmer in ecstatic, unpredictable bursts between the beats. A choir provides stereo-sonic counter melodies to Jenkins’ compelling lead vocal: ‘Who’s got the victory? I do!’. The bass slinks and slaps with technical brilliance, complimented by genuinely soulful playing. The combination of instruments results in a truly religious listening experience that is anything but insipid or cliche. The track is a fusion of retro funk / rock and contemporary gospel, and does not pull any punches. ‘Victory’ is sure to attract a younger generation to churches, while reinvigorating long serving people of faith. Antwan Jenkins is a voice of hope in uncertain times, determined to lead the next chapter of humanity to victory.