Cutting down trees with Charlie

Born and raised in the coastal town of Bournemouth, UK, Charlie Hole’s story began when he heard Damien Rice’s ‘O’ at the tender age of 14. From that first listen, his desire to reach the same emotional depths became clear; realising his ability to create emotive and fearless tracks, learning and evolving throughout.

After a chance meeting with well-respected guitarist and producer Jim Cregan (Rod Stewart, Katie Melua, Family), the pair began working closely together, with Jim mentoring Charlie and teaching him about the world of songwriting while always pushing him to develop his own style and sound.

Finding comfort in beautifully crafted words over effortless melodies, Charlie Hole is nowadays one of the most exciting young singer-songwriters around. With a brave and honest voice, tackling relatable subject matters for all audiences, he has already been coined by Rod Stewart as an emerging talent with a gift for writing ‘beautiful songs’.

River is a splendid rendition of Joni Mitchell’s classic Christmas ballad accompanied by great orchestration.

River is released 30 November 2018

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“Such tender acoustic rugs and that particular persuasion is just extentuated by a folk gravelly vocal performance that gets to the root of the matter with a careful eye for detail.” – MP3Hugger (Ireland)

[composer: Charlie Hole / ISRC: GB-LFP-17-90153]

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