Entranced and shrouded in mystery, independent singer-songwriter and all round artist Jem has arrived revealing his debut single and video, the exquisitely cinematic – ‘Secrets’. A distant glimmer gently pierces the vibrant Eastern sky, as the heat of the day rises from beneath the golden sands. A warm, woozy haze emanates off the horizon as a whispering voice, ancient yet familiar dances on the wind. 

Rare, enticing and utterly spellbinding, ‘Secrets’ is a heady blend of desert-dry Middle Eastern percussions and melismatic singing embellished with gritty, rock infused guitar. Lavishly painted with dark, emotive and mysterious lyricism, Jem’s vocal conjures intrigue and vivid imagery as he details a cryptic narrative. 

His art is an eclectic medium of transportation, showcasing his innate ability to blend both sides of the sword. ‘Secrets’ offers a delicate bridge between worlds, combining the contemporary Western sounds he collected in years living in London, delicately pieced together with his culture, antiquity and the wisdom that lies within his Middle Eastern roots.

Eager to immerse you into his realm, Jem steps out of the shadows ready to share his ‘Secrets’ with all who will bear witness.

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