The thoughtful, wistful piano ballad “As I Am” has an Americana indie vibe with a voice reminiscent of Tracey Chapman and songwriting like Joni Mitchell. 

A song about love between man and woman, when life comes in between. “Do you still see me just as I am?” , these poignant lyrics are then answered by her duo on this track: 

“People change over time especially as you include complications such as children, careers and life changes. I wanted to explore this changing nature of people, love and relationships, and yet honor that we still carry parts of those younger years with us. It is a bittersweet reflection on an evolving love between two committed partners.” 

For Erika, who is American but now lives in East Sussex, England, her music developed gradually after letting go of a law career and raising her babies. Her motherhood journey has strongly influenced her songwriting, and today she is about to self release her debit album on the back of two strong singles, including “As I Am”. 

Rooted in the stuff of everyday life, Erika writes and sings about the amazing moments and the not so amazing moments. Each song goes into detail about a specific feeling or emotion which she hopes will “wake us up to our precious and unique lives.” 

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