Dan Zalles: singer songwriter, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, educator, video creator… there is nothing this man can’t do. This multifaceted musician has been creating music ever since he can remember, and after working on many different projects (see: Slide Dogs, British Wire Gauge, Outer Half, and Wayward Monks) Dan was able to spend some time during the pandemic to create his latest solo album, Resting Place. 

This record is a personification of productivity born out of lock down and grown through passion. The songs dance over multiple genres including Country, Blues, Jazz Fusion, Rock and Americana. Zalles has songs that are solely instrumental, which he states was a first, as he has never put songs of such caliber on an album with vocal recordings.

Dan Zalles also brought in Marcus Barone, producer, composer, and film supervisor, to produce two of the tracks. The other 17 tracks are completely produced by Dan himself. 

Zalles was determined to create this album the way he envisioned it, never letting the pandemic or stay at home orders get in the way of his creativity. He even figured out a way to how to get Doug Marks, friend and drummer, involved in certain tracks. Their process was done electronically without ever being in the same studio. And as if that wasn’t enough, Dan brought sensational vocalist, Bernadette Conant, to sing on the track “Silver Moon in the Sky” – which just so happens to be our favorite. 

Dan Zalles pulls out all the stops and leaves no stone unturned with this remarkable record. The lyrics are relatable, the vocals are smooth and impactful, and the passion bleeds through each note. This is an album you’ll be adding to all of your playlists, sharing with your family and friends, and showing to generations to come about a time that will live on forever.

Check out Dan Zalles online, and listen to Resting Place on all platforms.