Known for his astonishing contribution to captivating audiences with his Coldplay tribute act, Siimon releases string-quartet arrangement of Coldplay’s anthem ‘In My Place’. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their second album ‘A Rush of Blood to the Head’, Kent based singer-songwriter Siimon puts together a stunning rendition album ‘A Rush of Strings to the Head’.

The lead track, Siimons’ rendition of the track ‘In My Place’ is melodically uplifting and beautifully composed, giving the track a unique twist whilst paying homage to the original. The album was recorded with top string quartet Solas Strings who have worked with top acts including Duran Duran, So Solid Crew, Danny O’Donoghue (The Script), Rick Wakeman and Rebecca Ferguson.

Ultimately being a fan of Coldplay’s work, Siimon has covered much of their disocgraphy, however ‘In My Place’ is a stand out to him. This idea of unreciprocated love is expressed throughout the track and the use of the violins really help to convey that feeling of sorrow and sadness.